There's now a fourth chocolate flavor: Ruby Chocolate

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED September 6, 2017 11:52 am
The Ruby Chocolate/ Photo from Barry Callebaut's official website

(Inside Manila) Eighty years after white chocolate was announced as the third type after dark and milk, another chocolate type has emerged—a sweet fruity addition to the chocolate palette.

Barry Callebaut, one of the world's largest cocoa producers revealed the fourth type of chocolate—the "Ruby" flavor which is made in ruby cocoa bean.

Unlike the initial flavors, ruby chocolate has an intense taste of berry-fruitiness and has a reddish color. In a closer look the newest chocolate flavor actually resembles the trendy millennial pink for being "pink but not totally pink."

Photo from Barry Callebaut/Official website

Moreover, the new pink chocolate is not artificially made; no added berry flavor nor coloring. It was harvested from a unique cocoa bean in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil. It has also been in development for about a decade.

"The fourth type in chocolate offers a totally new taste experience, which is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. To create Ruby chocolate no berries or berry flavor, nor color, is added." said Barry Callebaut in a statement.

The company is hoping to release the ruby chocolate by Valentine's Day next year.

"Consumer research in very different markets confirms that Ruby chocolate not only satisfies a new consumer need found among Millennials - Hedonistic Indulgence - but also high purchase intent at different price points." said Peter Boone, Barry Callebaut’s Chief Innovation & Quality Officer



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